Nebraska / Tarot Reader


two dreams which occurred months apart but perhaps were a continuation. both of the dreams involve the same large green bugs (juicy looking with a crunchy shell, tardigrade meets termite, i had a sense they were full of pus or mucus, and upon waking it was very clear to me they were bacteria of some kind, magnified.) the dreams begin with me becoming aware that these creatures are inside my body, making me incredibly uncomfortable, occupying internal spaces they were much too big for... and later in the dreams i expel them through my orifices, sneezing or blowing my nose, squeezing my nose and popping them out of my ears, being washed out through tears, secreted via vaginal discharge, finally and most horrifyingly squeezing through my pores. there is a sense of foreboding, anxiety, disgust, fear and helplessness which permeates my awareness. my body has been invaded, and following the exodus i awoke on both occasions. there is quite a bit of changing scenery, the dreams do not take place in a specific place, although the method of travel is not always apparent from one dream setting to another — i wonder if rather than me moving through dream spaces the dreamspaces are moving through me.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali