Oakland, CA / Hoomn Bean
I am currently staying in a communal living space called PLACE. There are 8 of us here so the idea of social distancing is not a factor. Instead, we are all in this together. Holding space, making medicine, learning from one another, singing and dancing. This experience has been beautiful.

My name is Yadira and I am an Indigenous queer that is committed to the rematriation of the lands and decolonizing our ways of being.


I am amongst the land. My feet are soaked in the soil of Earth and I feel a readiness in my heart. A readiness that is gently easing me into the ways of my Ancestors. I am being told by a man about the different veggies to plant and the roots that need tending to in order for them to thrive during this Spring Equinox. There are different shades of green that surround me and the sky is a cloudless, ocean blue. I awoke with the message, We are here, now, to continue what our Ancestors already started.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali