Perth / Writer & Artist

Vidya Rajan is writer, perfomance-maker and comic based in Naarm. She is obsessed with dreams, and never understood the idiom about it being to listen to people recounting their dreams.


First, at the supermarket, and the checkout person asks "would you like shopping insurance with that?" and I think, of course, in case you drop your shopping. Someone drops their shopping. Later, two middle-aged men, musicians, sort of like from that film about a really intense jazz drummer guy — J.K Simmons. Two J.K. Simmons types. They're sitting by a metal chains, like a curtain. They scoff at people who play regular instruments and then they start to play their chains — but jazz. Their hands/fingers run up and down, forming the claws of some kind of chord but what? They're clearly maestros, and satisfied being so. I just witness. Later, I write a Japanese exam. It's very stressful. I don't know Japanese but I'm managing to write something with the characters. I race against the clock — how can this be so hard? I realise I've written 1-2 pages for each question, but it was only expected — from the whispers of others — that you write a paragraph or so. This new knowledge doesn't help me, as I realise again that I can't actually read anything. I've never studied Japanese so why would I be taking a test in it? I realise in the dream that this must be a dream, so I don't need to be stressed. It makes no logical sense for me to be taking a Japanese test. I am relieved. I suppose I will wake up soon.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali