Toronto / Writer/Artist & Architecture Grad

Currently, Thomas and Lenora are in self-isolation — separate from one another. Despite the distance, they have video called every single day for approximately 2 months. During these calls, there would be talks relating to art history, poetry, spirituality (astrology/Tarot) and architecture. The only dream Lenora has remembered recently, is of Thomas letting her know how the word "Xerox" is relevant to her art. Later when she woke up from the dream, she learned how to create Xerox art and decided to create one of his dream. This was the result.

𓅔 𓅔

The dream starts off like any other. Dropped off into the middle of the timeline, I'm aware that somethings needs to be done urgently. When I try to run towards my objective, my motor functions start to fail as I have to literally drag myself forward while my limbs would contort and melt into the ground. This makes me feel self-conscious that onlookers are looking at me with disgust and confusion as I'm trying to run away from the public, having forgotten about what I was originally supposed to do at the time. I try and escape to a private place at which point my body returns to normal, but I've had this dream happen so many times before — at that point I come back to my senses and become relieved over how it was "probably" just a dream.


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