Granville, NSW / Artist

I live alone and am in self-isolation. During the period I had this dream, I was working one on one with another artist on a virtual reality project. He was really my only company at the time (apart from his housemates who came and went)

I am an artist based in Sydney.


I can only remember a portion of this dream I am about to recount. I am at home, in the kitchen. There is a window that looks out to the balcony. It is night, and there is a small group of friends on the balcony waiting for me to roll a joint to bring outside. I'm half occupied by the conversation, and half by the task of rolling this joint, which I'm doing in complete darkness. I'm about to reach my hand into the bag of grass when a light from outside comes on, and I can see the bag is infested with what I take at first to be really large cockroaches. I'm taken aback, but soon realise they are in fact black frogs. Apart from their shape, it is their demeanour that confirms this; they have that completely static yet unpredictable poise so characteristic of frogs. They are so aware, and I know I could put my hand back in the bag without any threat but I decide not to.


I am walking with my sister. We are at the head of a fairly large group of people, all walking across a flat, dusty plain. The vista is contained by a range of low hills. Though the landscape is dry, the atmosphere is not desolate; the light is crepuscular, and the scene is rendered in a range of dusky reds and pinks. My sister and I are part of this group, but far enough ahead to have a rapport just between us. We are laughing and relaxed in each others' company (odd, as we have been fighting for the past few years with long stretches without communication. As I write this, a friend I told about this dream messaged back to confirm the date — I had this dream in the early hours of the 24th of March, my sister's birthday).We both look up at the sky. Even though the landscape is still illuminated, we can see stars and planetary bodies as though it were night. We look up and through faint cloud we can see a planet with rings around it. Next to it is a smaller, brighter body that we identify as the 'planet that is a star' (I can't recall whether that meant it was Mars or Venus, following the internal logic of the dream). It is very bright.We turn our attention back to the other planet. I identify it as Saturn, but then it changes its hue and takes on a shimmering effect and we decide that it must in fact be Jupiter. It keeps switching between two modes of appearance and we can't decide which planet it is, and before we have time to react the planet approaches us at great speed. I must have been looking right up at it as it appears to bear almost directly down on me. It looks like an image transmitted through static, flickering between a complexion of blue stone and pearlescent shimmer.The planet passes right through me.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali