Naarm Melbourne / Student & Writer
Sophia is currently living in Narrm but originally from North East Victoria / NSW (Albury Wodonga).


Everyone was really ill and we had to hide in groups at railway stations. I was in a group of about thirty people. We were standing on railway tracks in a fenced off area. Everyone was coughing and dribbling. Nobody could stand up. A group of three men, who seemed completely healthy (unaffected / uninfected by COVID-19), came up to the fence and started slingshotting rocks at us. Big ones with sharp edges. We were crying and they were laughing. When I was younger (in real life, not dream life) my dad took me to a piggery. In this dream, I felt like I was a pig and everyone was laughing at me because I was hurt. When I woke from the dream I felt like I couldn’t breathe.


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