Sydney / Artist

Sydney based artist, currently creating a series of dream cemeteries — dream recordings refracted through the light of old weather instruments and metallic puddles.


The devil and his demons were in my dream last night. The devil’s name was Richard. I kicked the door in his face over and over again until he disappeared and eventually re-emerged as a small crocodile made of bubbles, on his way to school holding balloons and wearing bad pants. I slew his demons and bathed their bodies to return them to their true form of ocean and stars and dust.


I was given a plant just pulled from the ground, its leaves were tightly curled like sea lettuce, and I held it at the nape of its very long roots. I was tasked with walking with this plant along a road to rejoin my friends up ahead. As I walked I heard birds softly chirping, and with each step their chirping fell into rhythm, which confused me because I couldn’t see them. I stopped walking and looked down at the plant I held — its root system was like a net, and contained many tiny birds singing. I kept walking with them but began to worry that I might be hurting them, so as I walked I tried to find a safe place on the side of the road for me to release them, but by the time I found somewhere suitable, I could no longer hear the birds singing. I felt strong dread surge into my belly and I looked down and saw that all of the birds had died.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali