Philadelphia, PA / Journalist

Working from home since March 16th, ever since online classes ended.

I am 21, about to be a college grad as I type this.


It felt as if we were at war, but I don't know who was the enemy. We only found solace in our garden, as it was a sign of life and means of survival. The plants were tall and vibrant, and a bountiful amount of food was ready for harvest. Then they came. They wanted to destroy our beautiful garden. It grew darker. I could see fire. Shouting of anger from both sides. I clawed at him, wanting to protect our garden. Collect the food. Collect the seeds. Save something before it was all gone. Then all sound faded.


I never learned how to swim, so I don't know why I was calm in the water. I was in my neighbor's pool, as if there was no tension between us and no worry in the world. I sank further and further until I was fully submerged, upside down. Everything was blue. I drifted slowly in the water, in a fetal position, until I slowly opened my eyes. It was if I was in an aquarium but instead of fish, it was me in the tank as onlookers pointed. I shut my eyes again. And breathed.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali