Naarm/Melbourne / Researcher

I am a researcher and design practitioner currently pursuing my PhD in Fashion & Textiles. I am currently working between art and craft.


I am holding a baby boy. Maybe it is mine. The baby boy is naked. I am standing, holding him in my arms. The baby wants to get familiar with the vagina. He tries to touch it. We see a naked girl standing close to us. I touch her vagina.


I am in a moving car. Someone else is driving, the car is speeding as if it being chased. Suddenly the boot of the car opens up because of speed. I am inside the boot, lying down. Scared and horrified to death. I scream as I see a T-Rex chasing us. I am scared and trying not to fall off the car.


I am in my parent’s house in India. My long time friend who also stays with me in Melbourne also visits me in that house and tells me about an exam which is the next day. I was totally unaware about the exam, but somehow she has already given the exam. I ask her to tell me the questions, but she ignores it. I go to my bathroom to get ready for the exam which is in an hour. Then suddenly I reach to another location. This time I am on a beach. I am walking in shallow waters towards the shore. As I walk slowly, I see my feet resting on blue green water. The water is so clear that I can even see the sand below it. The waves are calm and the whole scene is calm. As I walk closer to the shore, I see beautiful, majestic white squids in the water. It is floating between the soft supportive sand and calming water. The squid has amethyst-coloured dots on its tentacles. The squids are calm resting in water, like a translucent painting in water. I am fully aware as I move through the water. With each step that I keep, I have full control and balance. I am cautious about the squids and for some reason I am not scared of them. This is when I reach back to my bathroom. I realise that I am too late for the exam. Somehow I am not panicky and thinking that I can take it the next day.



© Neptune and Manisha Anjali