Naarm Melbourne / Artist
Rachel Jessie-Rae is an Artist and the director of Babe Space Gallery, run from her home in Brunswick. She is currently studying at the VCA.


I'm at home in the dream, its a sharehouse but bigger. A lot of friends are there in the back garden. The back garden is covered with snow and there is a huge beetroot that has been cut into large rectangular chunks standing up in the snow. There is a woman with a child at the gathering of friends, and I start to get scared that it's not a safe space for the child. I follow the child and the mother inside and we have a chunk of the beetroot to make soup from. I feel a sense of loss that I only have one chunk of the beetroot and turn to look out in the garden for more but all the snow and friends and beetroot are gone. The garden has disappeared and the yard is very small, concrete and with high walls, like it is in real life. I'm kind of relieved and then I wake up.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali