Los Angeles / Medical Biller

Working from home, self-imposed isolation

Indigo child/Sagittarius/Enneagram Type 2/Highly-sensitive person/Christian living in Los Angeles

I am at an establishment that is a hybrid of my grandmother's home and a restaurant/cafe. People I know from college are there. There is an art show featuring people I know: all of them are acquaintances from college that I don't like very much. I enter the show towards the end of the event and some of the artists show me their paintings that apparently some rich buyers have purchased during the show. One of the artists then shows me his hyper-realistic colored pencil drawing of a man dressed in late-1800s garb leading a group of tangled coral snakes on a blue dog leash. The shading on the dog leash in particular is exquisitely done and I am struck with how impressive the colored pencil rendering is. It is amazing. I go back inside my grandmother's home/restaurant and go to wash my hands at a sink. Some people are in there discussing how much soap is needed to wash your hands properly. This sink is not working properly and someone says that they need to fix the sink because it's not ethical for an establishment to have a not working sink during these times.


I'm at a bakery/cafe and there are lots of people there (some I know and some I don't know). Someone in the crowd talks about how hard it is to have relationships with people (I think any type of relationship). I go to that person and loudly tell everyone that having good relationships with people is about "pushing against your baselines and dismantling your ego defenses". Then, I'm in a large restaurant that is serving a buffet of vegan Italian food. There are many chafing dishes of steaming, saucy pasta and pizzas piled high with toppings. I am very hungry and go about serving myself a large plate of food.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali