Student & Artist


I am currently a high school student. I’m turning 17 soon. I hope this is over for my birthday.


I was in my backyard and I was planting this flower this really big sunflower but it was night time and it the sun wasn’t coming up. The sunflowers were for my friend Hunter and I was trying to get it to grow all big and tall for his birthday next year and when the sun wouldn’t come up I ran inside and got a bunch of candles and was trying to give the flower enough light for it to grow and was holding the candles in my hand near the flower so it would get the light it needed. And it was growing but I couldn’t leave this flowers side because the candles kept going out after like an hour and I just sat there for a year until it was his birthday and put it in my bag with a poem I’d written him and when I went to his house to give it to him I tried to get it out of my bag and the flower snapped.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali