Naarm Melbourne / Bar Tender

Mindi is a Melbourne based bar tender, arts worker, and trade unionist.


I am in the markets by my house and I am browsing different bouquets of flowers. There are large sunflowers, pink carnations and a large spherical flower that appeared fluffy in texture but still made of petals. I buy the bunches without ever touching them or picking them up. The man running the stall speaks to another vendor. There is a pool table behind him with a beautiful Mirka Mora inspired top. I learn that the man travelled from Deniliquin and he continues to complain about the restrictions to the other.
"How do I get home?"

I leave that space and am driving a car down the long street of my childhood home. My Dad is in the car in front of me, it's the car he had when I was very young, an out of service ambulance van. He is heading down past the railway tracks and I follow driving a 4WD. Although I am inside I know the car is white. My car won't brake and my Dad is having the same problem. We approach the end of our street, and I see my Dad turn onto the Highway. I prepare to take the corner wide.

NOTE:  I am in Lockdown 5 in Victoria.

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