Naarm Melbourne / Writer & Program Administrator for a Charity

In "stage 3" isolation in Australia which means working from home, only going out once a week to supermarket and once a day for a short walk around the local park to get some fresh air and move around.

Lives in Melbourne, in a house with more coffee pots than human beings. Writes essays, articles, reviews and even poems.


I am running, and it seems I am participating in some kind of sporting games, with an atmosphere like a school sports carnival. It seems that while I, and other people taking part in whatever event I'm in, are running in one direction, other games are simultaneously happening, so more people are running in lanes just next to us, but in the opposite direction to me. We are passing one another like lanes of cars driving on a multi-lane freeway. I see a boy I liked in primary school (40 odd years ago). He is running towards me. The event that he is taking part in requires him to be carrying a large footprint as he runs. The footprint is not exact, it's very rough, and oversized, like the size of a small boogie board. The footprint looks like it's made of pale white wax, or it could be resin, or even some kind of rubber or hard material made to look waxy and melty and misshapen. As he runs close to me and then passes on my left, going in the opposite direction to me, I hear that he is accompanied by some kind of cartoonish music playing, and I think of the cartoon (or maybe the movie) Scooby Doo. It seemed like he was casually humming as he ran, but the effect was of a proper instrumental soundtrack accompanying him. Then he's gone. That's all I recalled about that particular dream when I woke up. It was light-hearted.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali