Naarm Melbourne / Screenwriter Self-isolation
Madeleine Manglaras is a writer from the Adelaide Hills living in Melbourne’s inner West. She is currently pursuing her PhD in micro budget filmmaking at Victoria University.


It's Day One of isolation and we’re in it together. We drink our own cans of beer. We smoke our own cigarettes. I am desperate for your lips to meet mine. This is all I think about. Whatever you've got, I’ll have. But this would not be isolation. This would be the opposite. We dance around each other, from a distance. We say good night, unsatisfied. And then I wake up, within my dream, to your body over mine. Elbows on my pillow, forearms framing my face. My heart is a rock in my throat, and I cannot speak. You kiss me, but as you do, your face disappears. It is replaced by a blinding, white and glittering light. Your kiss is unreal, but you are gone, and I wake. Love is worth unveiling. Whatever you’ve got, I’ll have.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali