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Woriking from home and self-isolating with nine housemates across to houses joined by a backyard. I leave the house 3-4 times a week on average to get takeaway coffee or explore the suburbs.

27-year-old Australian man living in Sydney who writes to understand his thoughts and reads to understand the world that shapes his thoughts.

I walk around the sideline of the basketball court towards premium court-side seats in a packed stadium. Two nondescript team of male players are midway through a game. I turn around as I realise I’m now in a high school hall and there’s only two couples sitting on the bleachers. I reach my seat and NBA legend Michael Jordan is in the seat next to mine. I approach him with a big friendly handshake-hug and he reciprocates with a smile that lights me up inside.

‘Luke! It’s so good to see you, how’s your wife?’ he says.

I start watching the game and we’re back in a packed stadium, we are watching the Philadelphia 76ers play each other. Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson arrives wearing a black turtleneck and black woolen tights..

‘You made a great choice picking Ben Simmons,’ says Phil.

Ben Simmons makes eye contact and passes me the ball. I miss the catch. I fall forwards off my chair and wake up.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali