Naarm Melbourne / Musician & Student

Tarot reader, mystic, music producer, philosopher.

I can’t remember the start of the dream, but it becomes semi-lucid at a certain point, and even though I am not fully aware I am dreaming I have gained the capacity to choose where I want to go. I decide I want to visit the Mayo Clinic. All of a sudden the world melts and unfolds and I realise I am deep underground. There are doctors in surgical scrubs over by a table, I walk over and see that they are doing an autopsy on a gray alien. Shocked, I look up and notice that the lead doctor is Mike Pence, and he isn’t wearing a surgical mask. I go back to the hallway and find that there is a small enclosure where alien babies are cracking out of eggs, like in Jurassic Park, I get tired of the scene so I charge up and run off through an underground maze this is all connected to.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali