Naarm Melbourne / Student & Writer

Social distancing & Working from home

Julia Fazzari is a writer and poet based in Melbourne. Her head is constantly in the clouds and is always searching for that something "more".


I keep having dreams about you. We’d meet and we’d flirt. And now I have had another one; this time we decided that we would start seeing each other. But we wanted to keep it a secret. You would come to my house while my family sat at the table eating dinner. I would sneak out and meet you. We would share brief but intense moments of passion. And so, this is what we did. We continued like this for a while. Then came the next time we were to meet up. I snuck out as usual, but instead of finding you, I found the rest of our friendship group. I found the reason we kept it all a secret; something happened between him and dream me. This boy and dream me went much further than the real versions of us ever did. But those fake emotions lingered and felt real in my dreams. In the end, in the moments right before my waking, I didn’t get the kiss from you that I craved so much. I didn’t get to wake up with a ghost of a fake kiss resting on my real lips.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali