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I am in Self-isolation

Jessie is a writer, poet and performer creating and living on stolen Yuggera land. She writes about the subconscious, femininity, reversals and the world beyond our own. She is in her last year of a Bachelor in Writing and English Literature.


I dream of my sister and mother hooked around their necks with fishing line by our neighbours. Throats cutting and arms flailing they are screaming out for me but I am just watching, panicked. In the dark of the night on the boundary of our house and the back neighbours the chicken wire has ensnared them. Pale strong hands clasp it mercilessly and pull on them. I can't see their faces, they are protected by the shadows and the fence. I vaguely feel they are my child-neighbours grown angry or perhaps their parents inflicting violence to teach us a lesson.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali