Copacabana, NSW / Writer, Short Film Maker, Artist & Educator / Working from Home
Jane Austin is a dreamer, writer, film maker and teacher.


I woke up knowing:
Dreams have evolved as a way to download new systems to our brains — download directly from Gaia.


I am in northern Italy, in a spa resort on top of a mountain in winter. All concrete and glass and steam coming from the pools. I get into a bath and I become a mermaid, tail and all, but I take a break, zip off my tail and leave it on the side of the bath. All of a sudden King Neptune, a patinated bronze King Neptune, looms above the resort, blocking the sun, and booms, ‘I’m looking for Jane Austin’. Oh my god that’s me and I run to the bath, fumbling as I zip my tail on and jump into the water. It’s like trying to put a wet cossie back on in a hurry. I get sorted and then look up, noticing his bronze beard waving like the ocean, ‘I’m here.’

I wake up knowing I’ve been called to action by King Neptune.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali