Virginia  / Artist & Dreamer

In Quarantine for one month.


I dreamt my mom and I were driving (I was driving, she was a passenger) on the interstate and I witnessed a terrible terrorist attack. There was a satellite from an Italian plane that landed on the other side of the interstate (this was all over the water going from Virginia Beach to DC) and the whole other side exploded, killing many people. We luckily got through it since we were on the opposing side but I was afraid to ever drive on the interstate again even to get home.

NOTE: The intuition was that the satellite didn’t come from Italy, but somewhere of more power, but still attached to the same plane. This was after I thought about the dream.


I was so weak and could barely walk or remember anything. I was going to a hospital. But first I had to go to a place where they fly you there, and I didn’t want to, and the planes were like tiny kids boats and looked very insecure.

(I don’t remember the exact date but this was sometime December or January)
© Neptune and Manisha Anjali