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Jake Treacy is a queer non-binary curator and poet exploring queer mysticism, sex and dreams, and doom metal.


This was a vision received during masturbatory orgasm:

I am a bat winged-humanoid creature, perhaps an Angel, perhaps a demon. I am falling/rising endlessly in an cerulean sky. I am on fire, and feel the warm licks of flames transforming my flesh. It is ecstatic. I am enveloped by light and burst in a violent bloom of flowers — the flower known as cosmos to be exact. Then it is all black and I am traveling beneath the earth in a chthonic tunnel that is barely lit by an electronic gloam. It smells like moss, oranges, roses and new car smell.


I was in a very old, ruinous house. It was dark as the windows were all boarded up, but I could see the hot midday light streaming through the cracks. The interior of the house was dusty and the furniture was old and broken. There was a number of us living/squatting in this house, camped out on three different levels. There was myself and S, and M on one floor. Above us was a group of people I knew, but couldn’t identify. Below us was L and another group of people. L was working with these people on a project negotiating, worshipping and speaking with the earth. They spoke in a hushed language I could barely hear (but knew) through the floor boards. It was hot in the house, which almost cooked the dust into a spiced and flowered scent. Outside the house was chaos, like a war, or a doomsday. It appeared like a desert scattered with other ruins. People were scared. They were screaming, crying and running from an unseeable force. There was a quake outside which sent the house into a fury. Everything inside the house shook, yet everyone within was calm. The people in the upper level started dancing and suddenly falling to the floor. Somehow I knew they were wearing bejewelled attire, and appeared in their finest. So I knew they were happy. The voices in the lower floor started to scream to us through the rafters, screaming to find the baby snake and to wear its magic. We looked hurriedly and I saw the baby snake sliding along the corners of the floor. We tried to capture it, however it grew wings a flew towards the window — dancing, shaking and seeking to escape into the world beyond. M chanted to the snake. It’s scales glistened and it turned it’s head towards us. It was beguiled by the song and it slowly begun to hover towards us. M knew it’s magic and asked me to offer my hand to it. I knew the winged baby snake would save us from the chaos beyond if I wore its magic. The snake floated toward my hand, and wrapped around my finger like a ring. It bit my middle finger and I bled a very ruby drop. Suddenly, everything went very quiet. I could hear the heartbeat of the house in my ears like a throbbing drum.

NOTE: This dream occurred in late January 2020 after having just moved into a new house, before the lockdown restrictions and physical-distancing related to COVID-19.
© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali