Naarm / Melbourne

She rose from nowhere, just as beautiful as ever but when she realised she had bad intent, she unleashed her inner self and it was terrifying, we didn’t see what was coming but when she opened her mouth it was dark and scary, to me it seemed like a snake coming out of her mouth but once you looked, it was her body opening to a stone cold black statue of Terror. Oh, she ruled for so long, that no one wanted to step out of place.

One day some man came along looking for her and we where terrified, but it didn’t take him long to find her as she wasn’t hiding and he said to her to release us or he’d destroy her. Of course she refused and there he was, wings shining so bright in beautiful rainbow colours, but yet she refused and the next thing we saw was a bright light so bright that it would blind you if you looked at it. She tried to fight him, but he took all her powers away.

Suddenly we could see  her as a mother but, we where still afraid, he was powerful and we didn’t know him, than there was a glow in the sky, it came down to us and said maybe I gave him too much power.  I should restore this scene, We asked what scene? This is not a movie but our lives. He said trust me... so suddenly the whole thing was on repeat but with him with less power. The light said now light and dark is equal.

He said my name is G.O.D


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali