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Asc Taurus, Sun Scorpio, Moon Libra, NN Sagittarius

This had been the reccurring theme of late. The world was being split into two sides. Killers on one side, sanctuary on the other.

The pulses under the waves are getting exponentialy stronger and faster. It's dark. The man in the sidewalk next to a river is happily shocked I ignore mask protocols and hug him anyways. The one next to him is displeased but I don't let that effect me and continue on.

I am a signposts moving through with my partner. This time, I told the other signposts "get to higher ground" the water was rising. They respond "Thank you Queen for caring about your people". 

We keep moving and make it onto the bus and make it to the next stop, not knowing where it goes but trusting it's better than where we came from.

I could not keep this information to myself. In a way it's the same message I been hearing on repeat, the world is changing at an ever quickening pace. Know your self and who you came in with.

Woke and heard this song in my head: Closer to the Edge by Rising Appalachia

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali