I'm still in quarantine.

My name is Hadley, I'm from Toronto and I go to Rosedale Heights Highschool. I'm a visual artist and love drawing/painting.

I’m in my old town in BC, all is well and I buy some candy for $5.46 exactly at a corner store in the middle of town. I leave and I see a small farm with rabbits, chickens, and ducks. There's an ongoing voice message playing, describing a cult of some sort that has no name. I keep walking past the farm and see more plants, corn and tomatoes growing, in a fenced area. A woman comes up next to me and mentions they're growing well. We spot a possum in the middle of the vegetables growing, it starts running toward the middle of town. It has three eyes and it's guts are hanging out everywhere. It keeps running and everything it touches turns to dust. The entire town is gone, dust, and the possum is nowhere to be seen but the message of the cult is still playing.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali