Adelaide / Writer and Poet
I have CPTSD — my dreams become nightmares when I’m scared. I’m on strong medication to prevent these episodes. They only leak through if there is real danger and fear to process.

Gemma is the writer, directer producer of ‘slowly but surely’, her poetry show.


At a school (the school I went to as a child and was bullied I’m now an adult) — I also live in Australia and it was located in Japan, there is an atomic bomb. I woke multiple times with the urge to run as fast and as soon as possible for that is the only way we can survive the bomb. I awoke horrified that I could not move or leave my house. Sometimes I couldn’t move my legs at all. They were stuck to the ground or I couldn’t walk they were crumpled and hurting (an experience that has happened to me in real life due to fibromyalgia). When I felt stuck phisically sometimes to be able to run and move I would float or fly. This is how determined my soul was to escape — so determined it left my body. I ended up in Italy — in waterfalls and hot springs — healed and calmed by water — my father was there. He passed away four years ago and is often in my dreams. Yet still I was haunted but the thought... have I run far enough? Will the bomb reach me? Am I safe? I blew all this stuff off and didn’t think it was a problem for months. Now here I am... terrified.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali