East Coast, USA
I have been self isolating for a month, aside from going to the grocery store for essentials once a week or less.

I work with children who have disabilities.

I am a writer by nature but also enjoy working with children, astrology, personality theory, and dream theory.


I am trapped in a hamster ball and I don't know how I got there. There are no air pockets, so I begin to suffocate. I am somehow able to claw my way out. Someone tries to hold and comfort me, but as soon as they touch me, my entire body turns to sand except for my head. My head is re-attached to a baby's body.


In my dream, NASA has launched a program where non-astronauts can be taken to walk on the moon and see the earth from outer space. My father was chosen for this program. Once you get to the moon, you are at the will of the astronauts, who do not allow you to come back to Earth. I am told my father has been transported to 'another Earth', which is located in a different solar system. I wake up screaming.


My father leaves in the middle of the night, presumably to go to the hospital. He sends one last text saying he “needs to get his body stable.” He doesn’t say goodbye and stops answering his phone. He changes his voicemail recording to just say “I am sorry.” It is 11:29 pm in the dream. The next morning I go to a psychic to seek advice and ask her what is going on with my father. When I ask when he will be back, she says I “would not like her answer.” She tells me to see her again tomorrow, “to learn what the hidden enemy wants me to be distracted with.”

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali