Singer-Songwriter, Photograher, Operations & Office Manager
I’m in self-isolation with my two other roommates, who I never see because they stay in their rooms. I’m working from home about 8hrs/day then make music/food/workout the rest of the day. I dearly miss my friends and family.

I’m an Ethiopian-American man, 30 years of age. I sing for therapeutic reasons.


I remember being at a party and was having a hard time trying to find the bathroom. When I finally found the bathroom I was getting ready to sit down to take a shit then before I got my pants down somebody broke down the door. The person made some kind of excuse that they didn’t know that someone was in the bathroom and continue talking to me like I didn’t have any business to take care of. I also remember having lunch with my boss. I was asking him if he was gonna lay me off because of COVID-19. I was trying to negotiate some sort of deal with him. I also remember at one point being at a shopping mall with my cousin’s best friend and she was my girlfriend in this dream and there was an excessive about of PDA happening. We were waiting for the elevator and it was taking a really long time to get to us so we just kept making out. Then the last thing I remember is being in a Burger King play place, I was crawling through the pipes or whatever those stupid things are and I was too big. I got stuck and I was freaking out because I couldn’t get out.


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