Sydney / Artist

I live in Sydney, love ponies, painting, ceramics and illustrate daily. I have ADHD and it rules my life.


I decided to buy a very small aeroplane that was the size if a small child’s car and also a convertable. It was all the money I had but it was a good idea. I was living on the coast of Sydney but there wasn’t as much city as it was pretty green. I took my tiny plane for a spin over the ocean and it was really fun. I was really good and flying it and I took it up to the clouds then I saw a huge bridge and decided to fly under it. I suddenly felt like wtf maybe its dangerous I should land. So I did. Then because I was so poor I sadly needed to sell it. I looked at it and realised the front of it was a crocodile and my friend Petra would buy it. I was now in a lounge room.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali