Naarm Melbourne / Artist, Writer & Arts Worker 

Working from Home

Diego Ramirez is interested in the relationship between types, stereotypes and monsters in a racialised discourse. He is Editor-at-Large at Running Dog.


I'm pissing red and in uncontrollable quantities, showering myself in urine. I morph into a wolf and escape from persecution by bewitching someone who carries me on their back. People around us don't understand why they're carrying such a large animal on their back.



I walked to a street stall where there was a devil's bell. I asked the seller what it meant and he drew a blank card.


I'm in a spherical, underground structure and the ground is covered with water up to my knees. In front of me stands a tall statue of the Virgin Mary receiving a very faint, beam of light from an opening in the ceiling. The atmosphere is damp and there are echoing sounds of water sporadically dripping from above. I suddenly notice the statue has cleavage and that gruesome black leeches are feeding from its skin. Blood is dripping from its chest, causing me to feel abysmal fear for the inexplicable figure standing in front of me. I don't understand what I'm looking at, where I am or why I'm here.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali