In a tent on the coast of Victoria Writer, Academic & Teacher
Working from home, yet outside in nature everyday in Apollo bay.

Didem Caia is a playwright, poet, traveller. Currently a PHD candidate, always creating something.

The Eyes of Gaia

Casting its maternal gaze over the world
The sun is the eye of the mother of all.
How easy it is to be captivated by the sheer splendour of the sun’s shining.
By its capacity to make manifest a world it seeds with its own fire.
How naturally we imagine our own capacity to know and to create, as the bright sun of consciousness.
How many of the thousands of sense perceptions imprinted upon the body and mind over a lifetime are authored by the sun.
How instinctively flora and fauna turn their faces sunward as if to the centre.
Solar rays have seemed to transfer magical properties of fertility, creativity, prophecy, healing and even for the alchemists; a living potentiality for wholeness that dwells in every individual.
As the omniscient, all seeing eye of Allah,
It is the exacting guardian of universal order.
The alchemical sol, carried, like its physical counterpart
Lunar; an amalgam of energies.
Sol is also the gold, the yellow balsam
The veritas, Or truth
Behind the capacity of consciousness and
Rejuvenation through immersion in moist
Lunar-like feelings, moods and dreams
Reflecting the magical and mercurial.
Seduced by the lunacy, the inconsistency
The loveliness, the fearsomeness
The measured concealments and revealments
How reassured is the cadence of lunar time
The “nocturnal predominance”
The mistress of moisture; tears, sap, spittle, blood, nectar and poisons
When held in the humid vapours of the sun eye
Both needing the other
Transparent and opaque
Both in concert
Veiling and unveiling truth.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali