Naarm/Melbourne / Artist

Working from home.

I was in India, a return to the imagined India of my dreams. A revisiting of warm yellow air, building tiles, thinly curled metal fences/burgundy, and floor tiles with indiscernible text/blue/red. Walking up an open-air stairwell, each level brought me closer to a tilting, a disorienting spin of the endlessly tiled India seen below. I am there because I desired to revisit a memory from the view of the final floor, but as I scaled higher, the memory-horizon conflicted with the architectural intentions and lines, creating an unsafe, /\//=/≤\\//=_>///, dizzying sight. As if on a defective merry-go-round, I felt myself carrying this unshakable, wobbling perception in my head, as I reversed my ascension down the stairwell, retreating from the memory-horizon.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali