Colombo / Journalist & Radio Producer

I am currently in quarantined at home. I still only see my family (mother, father, grandmother, my aunt and her 2 children).

Devana Senanayake is a journalist and radio producer focusing on gender and race. She is currently penning a book of experimental essays that blend together memoir, magical realism and literary criticism.  



Dream 1: The people in my lane are ageing and dying. I am in my house's
balcony, fringed by a large frangipani tree. The sky is orange. I try to take a close look at the funeral procession that is happening across the lane but underneath the clothes rack is a cat. I have a phobia of cats and I start to panic.

Dream 2: I am in my mother's room flooded by bright afternoon light. Her room is full of teak furniture and a large mirror. White curtain hang around her room. Through these translucent curtain, I catch sight of a stare looking at me. A staring contest ensues. The contest feels almost physical and tangible.

"Beyond Reach" by Ebb and Flod
"Theads" by Ebb and Flod

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali