Sydney / Programmer

Working from home

Likes a sense of mystery, also symbolic systems of all kinds.


Some kind of house that juts out over the ocean, it’s dusk. The "garage" area has a big door that opens to the ocean, a meter or two above it. Dad jumps down and catches a fish, he says it's easier when it's getting dark. I'm trying to record an original song I have stuck in my head on a little cassette recorder. I'm worried I've taped over part of auntie Vivien’s audiobook that she was listening to. Later there's lots of people, it becomes like a floating RSL. I can't find dad.


Swimming in a water-filled underground passage. It's not dark and dreary, the water is sparkling and blue and the passage is somehow lit a little. It's under a building, a place you have to get to through a secret entrance. I'm feeling happy I can avoid everyone there. But when I need to go to the toilet, the underground toilet is full of people and a bit dank. One guy who’s not the full dollar starts talking to me at the urinal. At some point I have a feeling of horror that I'll be in my late 30s soon. Back in America temporarily. I share a taxi home with a girl I meet on the street after a night out. But the whole thing spirals, I lose her, I lose my house address, I end up paying over $100 for the taxi and realise that I had my bike at the party anyway.


Going on a theme park ride with [my friend and housemate] Pap. It's meant to be a really fast one, I put my arm around her in anticipation. It starts off zippy enough, but never that fast, and soon I find the theme park employees are pulling it manually. I've lost Pap somehow, perhaps it was going so slowly at one point that one of us got out and started walking. They pull it into the bush along its little cable. Some guy starts talking to me as he walks next to the cart. I get a creepy camp leader vibe from him. The ride has turned from a 30 second thing into an epic trek, and I'm beginning to think these people are some kind of cult. I start looking for a chance to run off into the bush. But now we are going down really steep stairs (still using the ride cable, but lowering ourselves on it), and I think to myself it will be a long way back to the top.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali