Naarm Melbourne / Student

COVID-19 was finally cured with a vaccine but then emerged COVID-20, which was more deadly and widespread.


there is a snake
wriggling on my back
carrying the weight
of your name inside
its bones
i paint my toast
with sun
checking for bones
in the raisins
your cigarette fills
the entire city
toasting all the flowers
stunting the children’s
their bones are too
heavy for their bodies
dragging along like
weighted smoke
your hands
are big enough
to hold
all the smoke
in the city
but i want more
than you can hold
so you breathe out
all the bones of the
stunted children
their bodies shrivelling
in the sun


we are walking but the more
we are walking the more
we are noticing the sky
we are noticing is peeling
we are noticing is leaking
like mouldy wallpaper
the sunset enveloping us
with its burnt orange breath
coughing out people
flying above us who
we are wary of walking under who
we are wary of falling over
we are walking but the more
we are walking the less
we are speaking and the more
we are waiting
for the sun to set
but it never does

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali