Naarm Melbourne /Designer

Founder and Creative director of Suku Home. I was originally from Indonesia and moved to Australia in 2008.


I was in a strange place, I've never been before. There are people I didn't know. I felt alianated and I wanted to go home. My bestfriend was there and we were trying to find my car that I didn't know where I parked. I was walking around in the dark with the car key on my hand, trying to beep the remote control so I can see which one is my car. There were other cars there. As I could see the light flashing, a small group of people came up to us, asking us to got back to the house. I felt trapped, I felt like I wasn't safe. Me and my friend sat face to face in front of this couple who started doing nangs. They tried to get the nitrogen up their brain so they couldn't feel a thing. My friend started doing it and I realised I've lost her, those three people were not mentally in the same space as me. I was alone.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali