Naarm/Melbourne /Writer & Musician

I'm a writer and musician based in Naarm. I write on surrealist themes, dreams, femininity, grief, love, and awkward personal encounters. Piano girl.


From a period dream at 6pm:

The driver says we’re going to meet someone in a park. I say can we meet them in Linkin Park. The driver doesn’t hear me and says thank you.

From the back of the car, I say more loudly:

“I said can we meet in Linkin Park, and you said thank you. In response, you said thank you.”

The older man in the front passenger seat smiles at me kindly in the rear view mirror and I see him sort of laughing in the wind. I cackle with glee.


NOTE:  Currently experiencing relative freedom in a warped world.
© Neptune and Manisha Anjali