Geelong/Djillong / Writer, Actress and Dreamer

Uni student, studying from home

Chantelle is a writer, poet and actress based in Geelong. When she's not writing she's exploring nature and dancing in the sunlight.


A hand reaches towards me out of a sea of confusion. I reach out my own hand and see intricate detailing, like vines, creeping all the way up my forearm. It's as though nature has entwined with my veins and my very blood source runs green with chlorophyll from the plants. I'm like Poison Ivy, only without the gorgeous flowing red hair. The hand in front of me fades from view and I'm left peering down at my body that is becoming overgrown with foliage. A red rose blooms from my palm and inside sits a little pixie. She is a peach colour with soft brown hair and tiny fluttery wings. Wisteria grows in between my toes, travelling up my bare calves. A set of pixies wings grows from my own back, made of passionfruit vine and ivy, scattered with clovers. the faint scent of jasmine fills my nose as it grows from my bellybutton and wraps about my torso. My hair has turned completely to Curly Sue orchid cactus and I can feel small pear blossom buds sprouting from my tongue and cheeks. It should be scary, but honeyed laughter erupts from me and I finally feel at peace, wrapped in the nature that I love so dearly.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali