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My name is Bronwen. A 30 year old living in Melbourne working at a historic mansion.


A friend (no idea who but they were male and had red hair. I don’t have a friend that matches this description) and I had bikes. Friend actually owned both of them and let me borrow one. The idea was that with a bike we could be quicker moving through the local streets. What actually happened was we wheeled the bikes along the footpath as law states anyone over the age of 12 must ride on the road. I thought this was ridiculous as why have a bike if you are only going to push it along the footpath. I questioned my friend, who responded that they were too scared to ride on the road and everyone knew it was illegal to ride on the footpath. I am not scared of riding on the road, so in a huff I pushed bike off footpath and towards the road, but realised that I didn’t have a helmet so I couldn’t actually ride my bike anyway as I was in Australia and not Europe where helmets are an optional extra. So I was stuck pushing a bike along the footpath because I wasn’t legally allowed to ride it. It was one of the most depressing dreams I have ever had.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali