Naarrm Melbourne / Law Student

I am in a car going downhill in a forest. I am with a family with a young girl. The car crashes and I know they are going to die from the look on their faces. I am asked to take the young girl down to the river to live out her final moments in peace. The next thing I know I am watching her death on a Facebook video that says Warning. Distressing Content. I see in her face before she dies the most terrifying look in her eyes that chills me to my core. I try to convince myself it isn't scary by saying to myself "It was just two eyes. Two eyes. Two eyes." When I wake from my dream I found myself speaking out loud, "Two eyes. Two eyes." I am so paralysed with fear that I lay in bed for an hour unable to move, feeling like a child again.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali