Richmond, VA / Receptionist

Going to work to process mail, then working from home the rest of the day.

My partner and I were at an outdoor convention of sorts. Like a Ren Fair but for this game everyone was into that involved large white mazes, about knee height, with some parts of it's floor being like flowing mercury, and other parts looking like white paper. Ghosts came out of the maze as a part of the game, and the participant in the maze at that time had to escape them? I don't remember the rules or the point of the game. My partner was in one of the mazes with a ghost (like a sheet over the head type, not a real looking one) playing the game, and he lost I guess and touched the mercury-floor part of the maze and was beamed into another reality, and was gone. Some time passed and I noticed a can on a shelf and I knew somehow that written on the can would be the instructions that he beamed back from the other reality so that I could save him. They weren't simple. I don't remember all of them but one involved finding a particular guy at this giant convention and talking to him. Another involved finding an unmarried man with curly hair and some other very specific qualifications, which I finally figured out was a little black dog. Being the last instruction, I went with the little black dog back to the maze that my partner dissapeard in and with the dog's presence, my partner sprang right back out into the correct reality.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali