Naarm Melbourne / Sex Worker 

Socially distancing, preparing for self-isolation.

I was hanging out with some colleagues, stressing about work. There was a remote control on a couch that we had to disinfect after every use. I went for a walk with one of them and reached a place with a cement wall painted white with a large square indent in it next to white stairs leading up to somewhere. There was also an old boombox on the ground nearby. We spent a while figuring out how to connect our devices to it and eventually got music to happen. I walked over to the indent in the wall and a lump of seaweed that was resting on the bottom started dancing like a person. My colleague didn’t care but I thought it was magical. There was a power board on the ground with lots of switches. Each switch represented a song on the MP3 player.

The school I used to work at asked me to come back to teach there on very short notice. I was anxious and asked them lots of questions, and reflected on how I would do it this time. I asked them if they would be going online soon because of COVID-19 but they told me a cure had been found and I was a bit disappointed. A friend was also a teacher at the school. I walked her to her car, talking about my anxieties, but she was preoccupied with personal relationship issues. She was wearing a beautiful aquamarine floral dress and got into the back of her beautiful vintage car and started stress masturbating, so I walked away.


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali