Naarm Melbourne / Artist

I miss loved ones and parties

Asha Maria Madge is a visual artist / painter based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. Living in Fitzroy.


I am inside an old gothic ballroom; chandeliers hang from the ceilings. I am dragging a large painting. I sink to the floor and on my knees I begin to unwrap it. My eyes are lowered and concentrating while a few watch and gather helping to hang it. An older refined woman takes me by my arm, she is leading me away. I glance back at the painting and my perspective of it is changed in this new environment. The woman has the air of the elite and holds the room as she speaks to me about the paintings on the wall. I see a cascading deep red oil painting in a golden frame and I have a ominous feeling. I am wearing a draped black dress that comes off my shoulders. I tried not to look too long at the crowd at the party but had a distinct feeling there was somewhere there I knew. Someone I loved.


My dad has been visiting my dreams; wrestling crocodiles and swimming with tigers in sea waves.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali