Los Angeles / Artist, Teacher & Nanny
Self isolation + working from home a bit

Lately I think art is about embarrassing yourself.


Event event event horizon —
Nothing on my horizon
Soaking in pink bath water trying to slip down the drain
Its been at least thirteen horses running across a field days inside, maybe more, I stopped counting
Lately is a big game on trying to remember how to exist
Sorry my email is late, I was trying to remember how to exist.


Want Want. got heart? She’s hot. Caught a soft plot. I’m shocked.
sell hell. Yell MICHELLE
Marry one — already one — utilitarian vegetarian
What? In a rut. Don’t cut. I trust.
High high high until July July July. Yea I’m shy. Low supply
Anxiety in variety. I’d like some privacy to quietly write in my diary.
No plans for my hands.
On and on, withdrawn, yyaawwnn
I’m blue and subdued
Sit and sit and maybe quit. As Long as I don’t transmit.

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali

© Neptune and Manisha Anjali