Naarm Melbourne / Artist / Semi-self-isolation & Social-distancing


NOTE: these dreams are all from the same night, different dream episodes.

1. I'm a passenger in a tiny, shit car driving to the beach with friends. Instead of driving on the road, we drive along the rocks between the sand and the water. We get to the beach and I bump into Tamsen Hopkinson, she has her shoes off and is showing me her hooves (instead of feet, but this is normal in the dream), and I'm excited cos she's showing me her hoof pedicure which is blue-green metallic with diamantes glued all over it.

2. I've just finished a long, wholesome hike with a family member. I'm arriving at the place we need to catch the tram/train back into the city, it's a little terminal, and I bump into a bunch of friends there. They've been on some kind of camping / party weekend, and I'm kind of jealous they didn't invite me but there are also other people in the group I wouldn't have wanted to hang out with anyway so then I feel okay. But I really want to catch the tram/train home with them, and they've hopped inside and it's just about to leave. I run towards the closing door and have a shit plastic pink umbrella in my hand - as the doors are closing I put the umbrella out so I can catch the door and hop inside, but the doors just chomp down on it and the tram/train takes off with it half in/half out of the doors. The driver makes eye contact with me and has a neutral expression, and then I see my friends' faces shocked / laughing inside.

3. I'm walking along carrying heaps of stuff. In my left hand is a kind of spherical wire sculpture like one meter diameter, and a green bag full of heavy misc stuff in my right hand. As I'm walking, the sculpture is making a rhythmic whooshing sound, and I think it's because the air is rushing through it or something. Then cos it's a bit weird, I decide to swap all my things over so the green bag is on the left, but the whooshing sound keeps happening and I think maybe it's the air rushing through the handles.

***Then I wake up and realise the person I'm sleeping next to is snoring and I have my left arm around them.***


© Neptune and Manisha Anjali